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We use supplements as a tool to do just that, supplement our nutrition throughout the day.  It’s hard to get the proper amount of daily protein needed to support your goals from whole food alone, so we add in a shake such as the level-1 shake from 1st Phorm.  They make a full supplement line that is second to none when it comes to the quality of their products.


Everyone thinks this is the hard part when it’s actually the most fun. Nutrition is the hard part. I’ve been training for over twenty years and still love it to this day. Whether it be gaining muscle, getting shredded or functional training for the job, I’ll discuss different training methods on this platform.

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A Little About Me

My fitness journey began at age 12. Originally a high school football player, I went on to play middle linebacker at Pace University, where I earned a degree in criminal justice. After college, I became a personal trainer before pursuing my dream of becoming a police officer.

Since diving into the fitness industry, I was fortunate enough to have been sponsored by some companies that I had already been a customer of, Nutrichef and 1st Phorm. 

I have also worked with companies such as New York Sports Clubs to promote health and wellness among first responders through fitness programs.   I then began coordinating workouts on my own time which are designed for first responders, but open to everyone to help improve relationships between the public and police.

The last few years have been a dream come true; becoming an Elite Sponsored Athlete with 1st Phorm in 2015, I then landed the cover of Ironman magazine in 2017 while being featured in Men’s Fitness, Simply Shredded, then NY Post where they named me “New York’s Fittest”, Good Day New York, Fox and Friends and most recently, Good Morning America.

There are a lot of people that will speak negatively about social media, but I’ve made it a point to use it to send out a positive message encouraging not only first responders, but everyone to live a healthier lifestyle while shinning a positive light on law enforcement.